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Services Offered

Telehealth Primary Care

Ages 18+

UTI, COVID, sinus infections, allergies, medication refill, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, work/school notes, sore throats, cold and flu, skin infections and more! All from the comfort of your home for an affordable price! $25 dollar visits 

IV Hydration

Feeling tired, hungover, or just need some energy? Our customized IV drips and injection bar help you feel like a new you within minutes! These are for you whether you are needing an immune boost, recovering from illness,  chronic issues  or simply partied too hard! With IV therapy we can bypass the GI system so vitamins can be absorbed at a higher rate. We have IV bags for what ails you..

Mens Health

Offering Erectile Dysfunction & Testosterone Replacement!

Do you suffer from fatigue? 
Low Motivation?
Low libido?
Weight gain?

By replacing your testosterone we can help you feel younger and eliminate any of the above symptoms!


coming soon!

We will be offering Botox, Hydrojelly masks, and more! 

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Weight Loss Management

Medical weight loss program involving diet planning, lab work, phentermine or semaglutide injections, exercise program, & weekly monitoring! We also offer additional injections such as Lipo-C to help give extra energy and promote metabolism!

Vitamin Injections

At NP By The Sea LLC we offer Vitamin Injections that can help with weight loss, fatigue, nausea, pain, itching, inflammation, and much more!

Appointments are usually 5 minutes so please call if you need a specific time!**